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 Agnodice  (2018)

UN Women HeForShe x CalArts commission

This hand-drawn pastel animation introduces the story of Agnodice, a legendary figure credited as the first female midwife or physician in ancient Athens. This story is adapted from Gaius Julius Hyginus' collection of stories, "Fabulae," from the first century C.E.

Agnodice's experience shows the importance of diverse representation of women and non-binary people in political positions, as well as the need for women and people of all genders having a say over their own bodies. The story of Agnodice holds an unfortunate resonance today, over two thousand years later, as gender inequality and legislation remain an urgent concern. We can recognize from Agnodice's story that we need women and non-binary people to have a seat at the table in order to promote change. 


This film was commissioned by the UN Women HeForShe initiative in collaboration with CalArts as part of a series of short animated films that fight gender inequality. 


Direction & Animation: Melissa Ferrari

Sound: Kyle Cooke-Gilbert

Thank you: Pia Borg, Soyeon Kim, Elizabeth Nyamayaro


"First Four CalArts Animated Shorts for UN's HeForShe Initiative Debut Online"

Animation World Network

"CalArts, United Nations to Make Animated Films Addressing Gender Inequality" 


Excerpt: UNWomen HeForShe x CalArts Trailer

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