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kino lau: many bodies (2024)

A performance by Shrine Maiden & Melissa Ferrari

[biunial magic lantern projection, handmade lantern slides with pastel & gouache drawings on large format film]

Traditionally told through dance (hula) and chant (oli), kino lau: many bodies is a visual retelling of native Hawaiian lore through ambient drone music and magic lantern slides.  The term "kino lau" translates to "many bodies" in the native Hawaiian language.  It refers to the earthly forms of the pagan gods of the 'āina (land).  This piece is structured as a hula performance which begins with a chant that asks for permission to enter a space, and then moves through the different parts of the story told through musical movements of ambient drone that releases the energy that has accumulated. 

The lantern slides for kino lau: many bodies adapt classical slide designs such as dissolving views, tank slides, slip slides, weather effects & botanical illustrations with landscapes and plants significant to hula.  

Sound & Direction: Shrine Maiden (Rachel Makana'aloha O Kauikeolani Nakawatase & Ryan Betschart)

Magic Lantern: Melissa Ferrari

kino lau: many bodies Performances:

April 21 2024 | Philosophical Research Society | Los Angeles, CA

March 27 2024 | Ann Arbor Film Festival | Ann Arbor, MI

May 2023 | WIP Performance | Heavy Light | 2220 Arts + Archives | Los Angeles, CA

January 2023 | San Diego Underground Film Festival | San Diego, CA

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kino lau: many bodies | Heavy Light | 2220 Arts + Archives | Los Angeles, CA

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